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 USA Swimming requires many types of certifications from its coaches; ALL requirements must be met before a coach will be allowed on deck.  A requirements checklist, including links to complete each step, can be found here.

Update of 10.29.21 - Due to continued problems with its Coach Advantage Training module, USA Swimming has announced the following:

  • All non-athlete coach members whose CAT expires prior to 2/1/2022 automatically received an extension to 2/1/2022.
  • All new coach members will also be given an expiration date of 2/1/2022.  The script for this is currently being programmed and will be initiated soon.  SWIMS will then automatically populate the 2/1/2022 date in all new coach member records.
  • For the coaches who reportedly completed the course one, two and maybe three times before the announcement of the extension, will not be expected to do it again after 2/1/2022.  They will be given the appropriate expiration date of one year from the date of completion.

Update of 9.24.21 - The Athlete Protection Training and Coaches Advantage Tutorial modules of USA Swimming's LEARN platform are back up and running, but are not always posting to the member's database record.  Members taking these courses should allow 24 hours for their results to display on their Deck Pass.  Should the update fail to post, please email and ask for the results to be tied to your record. 

Update of 9.1.21 - Athlete Protection Training:  Adult members whose APT expired in August or will expire in September have received an extension to the due date for their renewal.  The USA Swimming learning management system, LEARN, is experiencing technical difficulties preventing our members from renewing their APT prior to their expiration dates. Given the current issues and the new membership year commencing on September 1, USA Swimming will be providing an extension of this requirement until September 30, 2021. It is expected that the system will be operational by that time. Membership with USA Swimming will not be affected during this interim period.

To proceed with a coach membership application, please click one of the links below.

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