Connecticut Swimming

Transfer to a CSI Club

A swimmer wishing to transfer to a CSI club must fill out an Transfer/Release Form. Athletes cannot represent the new club until 120 days from the last day of competition representing the former CSI club in any USA Swimming competition.

March, 2021 Limited Temporary Waiver to USA Swimming Transfer Policy:  USA Swimming recognizes that member athletes have been displaced from their clubs due to the extraordinary and monumental challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Therefore, they have reduced the 120 day unattached period to 60 days for any athlete who transferred to a new club with a last date of attachment between November 15, 2020 and August 31, 2021. This permits athletes who are currently within the 120-day window and who participated in open competition on or before to January 15, 2021, to attach immediately to their new club. This also permits athletes to attach to a new club 60 days after the last date of open competition while representing a member club through the 2021 long course season. USA Swimming will automatically attach athletes who are currently within the 120-day window for the period of this waiver.  In addition, any athlete who transferred away from their home club temporarily may immediately re-attach to their home club upon their return.  Full details here; contact your team's registrar with questions.

A swimmer who wishes to compete for a secondary school, college, or university will be automatically released upon commencement of his/her season to compete for that school in school competition, and upon termination of such school swimming season he/she is immediately eligible to represent the USA Swimming non-school club. (USA Swimming Rulebook 203.4)

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Coaches, officials, and other volunteers should notify CSI of club transfers by submitting a Transfer/Release Form.