Connecticut Swimming

Officials Travel Assistance

Officials who travel outside of the LSC to be mentored and bring back best practices from other locations are, in certain circumstances, eligible to receive travel assistance. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Officials are eligible to request assistance for three (3) meets per calendar year.
  2. In an Olympic year ONLY, officials who are invited to serve on the Olympic Trials deck are eligible for one additional meet (for a total of 4 meets, one of which MUST be Olympic Trials.)
  3. Officials must notify the Officials Chair prior to accepting a position at a meet in order to be sure there are funds available.
  4. Officials are required to work within the LSC to provide mentoring for our local officials. The work requirements are as follows:
    1. Officials must work a minimum of 4 Championship sessions 
    2. Additionally, officials must work a minimum of 12 sessions at a minimum of 4 different clubs
    3. The work requirements will be applied to the previous 12 months
  5. Reimbursement can be used to cover lodging, travel and food expenses.
  6. Alcohol is not covered.
  7. If an eligible officials applies for reimbursement and the annual funds have been depleted, the Officials Committee will request additional funds from CT Swimming on a first come - first served basis.

Meets will reimbursed at the same rate as travel assistance for athletes. The current reimbursed rates are:

  • SC Zone Age Group Championships $300
  • LC Zone Age Groups Championships $300
  • Eastern Zone LC Senior Zone Championship $300
  • Zone Spring Sectionals $300
  • Zone Summer Sectionals $300
  • Futures $500
  • Pro Swim Series $750 per meet
  • Winter Junior Nationals $750
  • Winter Sr Nationals (US Open) $750
  • Winter Paralympic Nationals $750
  • Open Water Junior National Championship $750
  • Open Water National Championship $750
  • 18/U Spring Cup $500
  • Summer Jr Nationals $750
  • Summer Sr Nationals/National Selection Meet/US Open $750
  • Summer Paralympic Nationals $750
  • Olympic Trials $1100
  • Paralympic Trials $1100