Connecticut Swimming

Age Group Zone Championship

2018 Long Course Zone Team

2018 Long Course Zone Championships: August 8 – 12, 2018, in Richmond, VA

Contacts and Coaching Staff:

Mike Oppenheim, Team Manager
John Scaldini, Zone Coordinator
Dave Modzelewski, WYW, Head Coach
Colleen Carroll, TP
Emmanuel Lanzo, RAC
Dave Laudati, MJCC
Ronnie Vaughn, MAC
Igor Velusevic, CPAC

PRELIMINARY ZONE ENTRYAll swimmers have until 10 pm, Monday, July 30th to email Coach Dave at with any corrections, changes, or challenges. After this deadline and any changes made, the entry will become final.

Zone Team Athlete Pre-Registration (Instructions) Deadline: 5 pm Sunday, July 22, 2018
Zone Team Chaperone Guidelines and Application
Zone Team Manager Posting
Zone Team Coach Application

Important Procedures and General Information for Athletes

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Consideration to the 2018 Long Course Zone Team 

To be eligible for Long Course Zone Team consideration, an athlete must meet all criteria listed below by July 26, 2018, the first day of the Long Course Age Group Championships.

  1. Full-year Connecticut Swimming member of USA Swimming (Seasonal memberships are not valid.) with membership in good-standing.
  2. Must have swum representing CT in 2 regularly-scheduled CSI sanctioned meets, including Age Group Championships, held April 1 through July 26, 2018.
  3. Must better 2 individual event Eastern Zone (EZ) Qualifying Times between August 9, 2017 thru close of Age Group Championship (July 29, 2018).
  4. Eligibility of athletes with qualifying times for higher level meets:
    • Athletes who have competed in an individual event at the USA Swimming National Championships, the USA Swimming Spring Championships, U.S. Open, the USA Swimming Junior Championships or a USA Swimming Trials Class meet are not eligible to enter and compete at an EZ Age Group Championship meet.
    • Athletes 13 years of age and over who have achieved a qualifying time in an individual event for any of the above meets prior to the entry deadline for the EZ meet, may not enter and compete in an EZ Age Group Championship meet.
    • Athletes 12 years of age or younger who have achieved a qualifying time in an individual event for any of the above meets but have not competed in that event at the stated meet, may enter and compete in that event in an EZ Age Group Championship meet.
  5. Time may be achieved from any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved meet including time trials. The time must be proven through CSI FAST database or USA Swimming SWIMS database. Please note most YMCA meets are not USA Swimming approved meets.
  6. Time may include official lead-off splits from individual or relay times. The split must be recorded in the official results or by certification of time attested by the Meet Referee or designee. In the case of the latter, the request for attestation must be in advance of swimming the event.
  7. Long Course Meter times only. Converted times are not accepted.
  8. 11/18 swimmers must commit to stay with the team through the end of the Finals Session on Saturday evening. No exceptions.  If 11/18 swimmer is not available for entire zone travel, swimmer should not sign up for the team.
  9. Adapted athletes are encouraged to apply. Contact for information.

Registration Procedure

  1. Athletes wishing to be considered for the LC Zone Team MUST PRE-REGISTER at before the deadline of 5 pm Sunday, July 22, 2018. 
  2. During certain hours at Age Group Championships there will be a ZONE TABLE displaying the most current report the morning after each evening finals session. Swimmers qualify by achieving 2 of the qualifying times listed on the Eastern Zone website under the 2018 Long Course Age Group Championship (TBA).
  3. All qualifying swimmers MUST PAY the NON-REFUNDABLE FEE IN FULL before Monday evening, July 30th, at 11:00 PM.

Additional Pre-Registration Information

  1. There is no deposit required, but Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED by 5 pm Sunday, July 22, 2018.
  2. Coaches and Contacts of CSI clubs will be sent notification of this pre-registration window, via email from the CSI office, instructing clubs that the responsibility of communication of this pre-registration policy is that of the Coach/Club Contact and not the responsibility of CSI.
  3. During this pre-registration window, interested athletes will submit pre-registration including preference of events to swim at the Zone meet. This preference list can and should be updated up until the close of the pre-registration window.
  4. During the pre-registration period a list of applicants will be posted weekly on This roster will include a list or number of CSI meets attended.

Selection Procedure for the LC Zone Team

  1. Only athletes that have pre-registered before the deadline, and submitted FULL PAYMENT for the Zone Team before the deadline, will be approved.
  2. Applicant’s eligibility and application will be reviewed upon receipt. Athletes are encouraged to apply early. Athletes applying prior to Age Group Championships may update their times and events until the deadline.
  3. Zone Team selection will be made by the Zone Team Head Coach, Age Group Committee, and/or Program Development Committee. Notification of selection will be made by email and posting on on/or before Tuesday, July 31, 2018.
  4. Only applicants meeting the 5 pm Sunday, July 22, 2018 eligibility, application, final acceptance and payment deadline will be considered.
  5. Athletes determined to be ineligible by CSI will be refunded in full the Zone Team registration fees. Apparel and equipment is to be returned if swimmer is determined to be ineligible.
  6. No refunds will be issued to eligible athletes that withdraw, and all equipment and apparel is to be returned.
  7. Zone Coordinators will continue and finalize the recruitment of chaperones and complete all logistical planning of the Zone trip.
  8. The Head Coach and his staff will at this time prepare and submit the team entry and prepare and plan any Zone team meetings and training sessions.

In the event your swimmer is selected for the CT Zone team, the following information applies:

Team Swimmers Travel

  1. All selected athletes age 11 and older must travel with CT Zone Team on Bus from any of the 2 or 3 bus pick-up locations a day before the competition begins (August 7th). Pickup time is typically 7-8 AM.  Location and exact time will be announced later on webpage and during mandatory parents meeting. Athletes travelling home with the team will return on August 12th, Drop Off time typically between 5-6pm.
  2. Athletes 11 and over must stay in team Hotel for entire zone competition. There will be chaperones (maximum ratio will be 1:10).  Athletes will travel from hotel to venue using team bus.
  3. Athletes must stay with the team through the end of Finals on Saturday evening. If necessary, athletes may be picked up by parents at team hotel AFTER SATURDAY FINALS (around 9:00 PM).  Otherwise athletes will come back to CT on the team bus to the same pickup location on Sunday around 3 PM.
  4. Please DO NOT ASK for exception to team travel policy. If swimmer is not available for entire zone travel, swimmer should not sign up for the team.
  5. Parents of swimmers are asked NOT TO STAY at team hotel.
  6. Parents of swimmers are asked to volunteer as chaperones. If we cannot obtain required number of chaperones, those age group swimmers WILL NOT travel with the team and will need to provide their own transportation.  Chaperone application forms and duties are posted on the Zone Team page.
  7. Athletes age 10 and under will travel with parents/guardians. They will meet the team at the pool for their session each day.  If they don't have an event they don't have to be at the pool, however, they don't get that day's team spirit item. Relays are selected the day before so 10&under swimmers need to commit to attending the following day if they wish to be considered for a relay.  If the 10&under swimmer does come to the venue, even if they don’t have an event, they are required to stay for that day’s full 10&under session.


  1. Zone team cost for athletes 11/18 is $690 (includes entry fees, transportation, hotel, meals, and equipment) for $220 (includes entry fees and equipment) for athletes age 10& Under. Note: The 11/18 zone team cost is $690 per athlete. Our apologies for initially publishing the incorrect cost.

    Connecticut Swimming (CSI) Board of Directors Zone Team Representative: John Scaldini, WEST

  2. A Zone backpack is mandatory, and if athlete does not have one, he/she must purchase one for an additional $55. The Zone backpack can be from any past CT Swim Zone Team trip.
  3. Individual event fees are included in the total Zone Team cost.

 Zone Equipment:

  1. Equipment provided as part of the Team cost includes 2 T-shirts, hoodie sweatshirt, shorts, and 2 latex team caps.
  2. Additional equipment will be available for purchase from current and past Zone events at the Zone practices.
  3. Silicone caps may be purchased for an additional $15 and will be available for purchase through the payment and at the mandatory parent meetings.
  4. Zone Team warm-up clothing (a.k.a. Zone jacket, pants, parka) will be available for purchase from Metro Swim Shop ONLINE. This clothing is OPTIONAL.  Link and instructions will be emailed to Zone Team members.

 Practice/Parents Meetings

Wednesday, August 1, 6-8 PM at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Saturday, August 4, 8:30-10:30 AM at Velo-CT, Norwalk, CT.

Athletes and a parent must attend at least one of two practices for a mandatory meeting, practice, and remaining equipment dispersal.  They are welcome to attend both practices.

Team Manager Parent Volunteer

CT Swimming is looking for positive, enthusiastic, and organized parents to help with the 2018 CT Zone Team’s trip to Richmond, VA, August 7th - 12th. Along with the trip chaperones we need at least one, preferably two, parents to act as Team Managers. Pre-trip responsibilities include but are not limited to: handling the team apparel sales at CT Age Groups Championships; coordinating parent meetings during practices; pairing roommates; cross checking hotel, travel and meal accommodations; and planning daily schedule of meals & bus rides to and from pool. Trip responsibilities include but are not limited to: attend a meet managers meeting with the Head Coach; supervise the chaperones & swimmers to make sure everyone is moving according to a predetermined schedule for sessions; and cheer like crazy. Long-term planning such as travel, lodging, meals, and apparel is underway however the Team Manager is the volunteer that we need to pull everything together and is essential to the trip. If your swimmer(s) has, or you anticipate them having, at least two qualifying times please reach out to John Scaldini, CT Zone Team Coordinator ASAP. Trip expenses are paid by CT Swimming.

Zone Team Chaperone
Zone Coach Application

Coaches must submit an application by June 15, 2018, to be considered for a Zone Team Head Coach or Assistant Coach position. In addition to remuneration, the selected head coach will receive a $500 stipend and the selected assistant coaches a $250 stipend from CSI to attend a coach education program of the coaches' choosing. Coaches must apply for the stipend and submit receipts. The Age Group Committee, with guidance from the Board of Director's Zone Team At-Large member John Scaldini, will select the coaching staff by June 30.

The zone coach application requires the coach to apply through My Account. (Instructions.)

Deadline: June 15, 2018. The zone coach application has closed.


Assistant Coach will receive $750 plus team travel expenses. Responsibilities include:

  • Attend all scheduled zone team practices.
  • Actively participate in meet coaching - ensuring all swimmers are ready and prepared to swim.
  • Assist with relay participant selection and relay team order.
  • Monitor and supervise team at all times (i.e. at the pool, hotel, bus, etc) (supporting coordinator and chaperone efforts).
  • Assist Head Coach as necessary.

Head Coach will receive $1,000 plus team travel expenses. Responsibilities include:

  • Attend all scheduled zone team practices
  • Actively participate in meet coaching - ensuring all swimmers are ready and prepared to swim.
  • Select relays.
  • Run team meetings
  • Handle team entry process.
  • Work with Zone Coordinator and Team Manager
  • Monitor and supervise team at all times (i.e.: at the pool, hotel, bus, etc) (supporting coordinator and chaperone efforts)