Connecticut Swimming

Age Group Zone Championship

2019 Short Course Zone Team

April 3-6, 2019, Webster, NY (hosted by Fairport Swimming)

Meet Announcement
Event File - reference only; all entries must be through USA Swimming's OME
Please visit Eastern Zone Swimming for hotel info, officiating application, and time standards.

Niagara Swimming has banned tech suits for 12/U athletes. Niagara Swimming Tech Suit Ban Short Interpretation. This ban is in effect for any competitions, including the upcoming EZ Age Group Championship meet, held in Niagara Swimming territory.

Effective with the 2018 Short Course (SC) Championship season, the Eastern Zone SC Age Group Championship meet will change from an All-Star format to a Times Standards format. This format is similar to the current LC format with one significant difference. Starting in March 2018 clubs will handle their own individual entries. CSI is no longer permitted to submit entries so each individual club will be responsible for their athletes' entry. Clubs planning to attend this meet will provide their own coaches/chaperones. For more information, please contact John Scaldini.