Connecticut Swimming

Meet Information and Current Schedule

Current Competitive Season

The current competitive season is 2018-2019 Short Course.

Upcoming Competitive Season

The upcoming competitive season is the 2018-2019 Short Course season. A preliminary schedule of SC 2018-2019 meets has been posted.

 IMPORTANT for 2018 Long Course Season

  • February 26: Meet host deadline for submitting meet announcements and ancillary files, meet acceptance and sanction deposit.
  • February 26 or later: Meet announcements and event files will be posted to the meet module on All meet announcements will have a new ENTRY OPENING DATE paragraph outlining the date and time at which entries will be open.
  • 8 pm, Tuesday, April 3: Entries open for April and May meets. Entries cannot be accepted or sent before this date.
  • 8 pm, Tuesday, April 17: Entries open for June and July meets. Entries cannot be accepted or sent before this date.
  • Clubs may NOT accept entries and/or distribute meet event files until receiving approval and notification from Program Operations.
  • Furthermore, host clubs must accept entries following the procedure stated in the meet announcement.
  • Host clubs may be asked to present Program Operations with date/times entries were received.
  • If in violation of this directive, Program Operations reserves the right to rescind a host's sanction.

Once meet announcements and other files have been received and reviewed, information and results regarding meets offered during the current season will be found on the Meets page.

Hosting a Swim Meet

Clubs may host a CSI meet by submitting a bid declaration to Program Operations.  Bid procedures will be updated for future seasons; clubs may submit bid declarations to host CSI sanctioned or approved meets.

NOTE WELL: Clubs wishing to host a CSI sanctioned meet must send a representative to the House of Delegates meetings.

CSI Policies and Procedures for swim meets.