Connecticut Swimming

Meet Information and Current Schedule

Current Competitive Season

The 2019-2020 Short Course season ended abruptly March 13, 2020 due to the world health crises. The following LC 2020 season was also cancelled. A "Return To Competition" meet schedule has been adopted and intrasquad meets are held by clubs that had resources to do so. CSI will remain in the "Return To Competition" phase until further notice.

Once meet announcements and other files have been received and reviewed, information and results regarding meets offered during the current season will be found on the Meets page.

Upcoming Competitive Season

Note: The 2020 Long Course season was cancelled due to the world health crises.

The upcoming competitive season is the 2020 Long Course season. The preliminary meet schedule is posted.

IMPORTANT for 2020 Long Course Season

    • Meet announcements and event files will be posted to the meet module on All meet announcements will have a new ENTRY OPENING DATE paragraph outlining the date and time at which entries will be open.
    • 8 pm, Thursday, April 2: Entries open for April and May meets. Entries cannot be accepted or sent before this date.
    • 8 pm, Thursday, April 16: Entries open for June and July meets. Entries cannot be accepted or sent before this date.
    • Clubs may NOT accept entries and/or distribute meet event files until receiving approval and notification from Program Operations.
    • Furthermore, host clubs must accept entries following the procedure stated in the meet announcement.
    • Host clubs may be asked to present Program Operations with date/times entries were received.
    • If in violation of this directive, Program Operations reserves the right to rescind a host's sanction.

Hosting a Swim Meet

Clubs may host a CSI meet by submitting a bid declaration to Program Operations.  

Clubs wishing to host a meet for which they did not submit a bid during the regular bid process should fill out an Off Calendar Meet Application.  This application is found on the team's FAST admin page.

Bid procedures will be updated for future seasons; clubs may submit bid declarations to host CSI sanctioned or approved meets.

NOTE WELL: Clubs wishing to host a CSI sanctioned meet must send a representative to the House of Delegates meetings.

CSI Policies and Procedures for swim meets.