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With the launch of USA Swimming’s new SWIMS database on September 1, 2022, there will be temporary interruptions to the Officials Tracking System (OTS). Please review the information below for important updates and release dates related to OTS functionality.


USA Swimming staff and members of USA Swimming’s Officials Committee have been meeting regularly to prioritize the development of various aspects of OTS. Your LSC Officials Chair will be your contact for OTS updates. General information will also be distributed through the bi-monthly USA Swimming Officials Newsletters.. 



OTS Meet Tracking is operational. Historical meet and session data for competitions held before September 1, 2022, have been loaded as line items. Meets held after September 1, 2022, are added to the SWIMS database by LSC Sanction Chairs. Officials, sessions, and positions worked are entered for each OTS meet. Once assigned to the meet in SWIMS, meet referees have access to add and enter sessions for meets.



The release date for National Officials Certification Applications, Workflow Approvals, and Reporting is still being determined.  There is an interim process for advancement and re-certification posted on the National Certification and Education webpage. National Certification updates are posted once per month to this page as well.


Of note, National Certifications in OTS are from certifications achieved prior September 1, 2022. National Certifications cannot be updated in OTS at this time.



Online Officials Testing is operational in the USA Swimming University online portal. Until Reporting becomes available, a photo or screengrab of the completion page should be sent to your LSC Officials Chairs to indicate the completion and passage of a test. Of note, the re-certification exams are not yet active in the portal. Officials needing to take an exam for re-certification should complete a certification exam for the time being.


The Athlete Protection Training (APT) courses and background check initiation process are also located in the USA Swimming University online portal.


LSC Official Certifications are operational. Please contact your LSC Officials Chair for updates or corrections.



In USA Swimming’s ongoing effort to migrate historical OTS data and enhance the OTS features listed above, a release date for Evaluations and Activities is still being determined. Evaluations from competitions held after September 1, 2022, are being stored for review until the Evaluations and Activities section of OTS has been migrated.


For questions, please contact your LSC Officials Chair.