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2019 Long Course Bid Procedures

  • Important information for LC 2019 Meet Files: 

After-Meet Responsibilities: Submitting Meet Database and Meet Directors Report

    • Email Ginger McCurdy the meet database backup. (Hytek>File>Backup)
    • Log into your Club's FAST Administration page and complete the Meet Directors Report Online
    • Surcharge payment may be made by credit card or by check.

Meet Management for Short Course 2018 - 2019

Meet Host Requirement to Attend CSI House of Delegates
Manuals and Templates
Meet Documents and Forms
Policy and Procedure for Competition
Equipment Rental

Need USA Swimming officials to work your meet? Here are some FAST queries to help with the search:

  • For a list of officials who are willing to work meets where their club is not in attendance, run the FAST query "Officials Available to Work Meets."
  • For a list of officials from the clubs entered in your meet, run the FAST query "Officials - by Team." Then select "Multiple." A list of clubs will display. Check off the clubs in your meet and submit the query. It will return a list of officials for all the clubs selected.

Meet Management for Short Course 2018 - 2019

Meet Management for Long Course 2019

  • Meet Announcements, session reports, and event files are due February 14.
  • Meet Acceptance Forms and sanction deposits are due February 14.
  • Clubs may NOT accept entries and/or distribute meet event files until receiving approval and notification from Program Operations.
  • Furthermore, host clubs must accept entries following the procedure stated in the meet announcement.
  • All meet announcements will have a new ENTRY OPENING DATE paragraph outlining the date and time at which entries will be open. Meet hosts cannot accept entries prior to the dates below:
    • Entries open for April and May meets at 8 pm, Tuesday, April 2.
    • Entries open for June and July meets at 8 pm, Tuesday, April 16.
    • Host clubs may be asked to present Program Operations with date/times entries were received.
    • If in violation of this directive, Program Operations reserves the right to rescind a host's sanction.

Types of Meets

Manuals and Templates

Meet Documents and Forms

Policy and Procedures for Competition