Connecticut Swimming

Athlete Representatives

Athlete Representatives

  • Kyle Brown, WHAT, Senior Athlete Representative
  • Richard Nolan, WRAT, Senior Athlete Representative
  • Maddie Haley, NCY, Junior Athlete Representative
  • Meghan Lynch, GYWD, Junior Athlete Representative
  • Claire Michalik, GRYM, Junior Athlete Representative

2019 Junior Athlete Nominations and Election

Congratulations to our new Junior Athlete Representatives recently elected by their peers to serve on CSI's Board of Directors: Maddie Haley from NCY; Meghan Lynch from GYWD; and Claire Michalik from GRYM.

Update 04.30.19: Elections have opened for the 2019 Junior Athlete Representatives to serve on the Board of Directors. All votes must be cast by end of day Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Only athletes whose membership is current AND who are aged 13 years or older may cast a vote. For this election, three (3) Junior Athlete Representative will be elected. The slate of nominees is listed below and you may read nominee biographies here.

  • Ethan Brown, WHAT
  • Maddie Haley, NCY
  • Ella Halpin, SAQ
  • Connor Hunt, RAC
  • Christian Lanuza, GRYM
  • Meghan Lynch, GYWD
  • Kyle Mazziotti, CDOG
  • Claire Michalik, GRYM
  • Jack Signorello, SLAC

Ballots are posted to each athlete's FAST My Account dashboard. (Instructions)



Update 04.26.19: Nominations have closed.

Nominations are sought for 2019 Junior Athlete Representative election. Five (5) Athlete Representatives serve on CSI's Board of Directors and annually shall be elected 2 or 3 each year for a two-year term or until their respective successors are selected. For the 2019 election, three (3) Junior Athlete Representative nominations are sought. Athletes interested in running for Junior Athlete Representative should read the Athlete Representative Responsibilities below and complete the Athlete Representative Nomination form. An online election will be held for and athletes must be 13 or older to cast a vote.

Due to CSI Bylaw imposed limitations based on club affiliation, multiple athletes from the same club may be nominated however only one (1) athlete per club may serve on the Board of Directors.  If multiple athletes from the same club are on the ballot, the athlete with the most votes will be counted and subsequent athletes will not be counted.

Athlete Representative Responsibilities

Responsibilities (Approved at CSI Board of Directors Meeting 01/21/97)

  • The Athlete Representative shall serve a two-year term on the Connecticut Swimming Inc. Board of Directors as a liaison between the athletes who are members of CSI and the Board of Directors and House of Delegates. First year representatives serve as Junior Representative; second year as Senior Representative.
  • The Senior Athlete Representatives shall chair the Athletes Committee.
  • The Senior Athlete Representatives shall have general charge of the business, affairs and property of the Athletes' Committee which shall be responsible for and undertake activities (a) delegated to it by the Board of Directors or the General Chairman or (b) undertaken by the committee as being in the best interests of the Athlete Members, CSI, USA Swimming and the sport of swimming.
  • The Athlete Representative must attend House of Delegates, Board of Directors and Program Development meetings. The Athlete Representative should make herself/himself available for any CSI-sponsored camps/workshops.
  • The Athlete Representative may be eligible to attend the USA Swimming Annual Convention held each fall provided he/she meets the following requirements: 75% attendance of CSI Board of Directors meetings, or a combination of Board meetings and CSI-sponsored camps/workshops equivalent to the minimum attendance requirement of CSI delegates/representatives to the USA Swimming National Convention.

Athlete Representative Eligibility (CSI Bylaws)

  • The Athlete Representative must be an Athlete Member in good standing;
  • be at least sixteen (16) years of age by the end of the calendar year of election or at least a sophomore in high school at the time of the election;
  • be currently competing, or have competed during the three (3) immediately preceding years, in the program of swimming conducted by CSI;
  • reside in the Territory or in the contiguous territory of another LSC and expect to reside therein throughout at least the first half of the term.
  • No more than one (1) athlete member of any Club Member shall serve as an Athlete Representative at any time.

Athlete Election Procedures (Approved at CSI Board of Directors Meeting February 17, 2011.)

Pursuant to Article 4.1.2 of the Bylaws of Connecticut Swimming, Inc. (CSI), the Board of Directors hereby approves the following Athlete Election Procedures to elect the Athlete Representatives:

  • Elections shall be held at the Short Course CSI Senior Championships (Seniors) and the Short Course CSI Age Group Championships (Age Groups).
  • All Athlete Members, in good standing with CSI, who have attained the age of thirteen years (13) may vote one (1) time at either Seniors or Age Groups. A record of who has voted shall be maintained by the Senior Athlete Representative. (It is contemplated that once the swimmer's vote is made, their name will be crossed off a master list and cannot vote again.)
  • A parent volunteer assigned by the applicable meet director or his/her designee (not affiliated with the club of any of the nominees) will monitor the election box until it is closed on the final day the later of Seniors or Age Groups.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Senior Athlete Representative to ensure adequate announcement of the election and election process before and during the election process.
  • The Senior Athlete Representative shall be responsible for counting the votes in conjunction with the Senior Coaches Representatives following the final session of Seniors or Age Groups.
  • Results of the Athlete Election shall be posted on the CSI website after notification to the individuals elected.
  • In the event the Senior Athlete Representative is a nominee for election, an independent person selected by the General Chair shall serve in the role of Senior Athlete Representative hereunder.