Connecticut Swimming

Athlete Membership and Registration


Athlete Membership is required for all athletes wishing to compete in Connecticut Swimming and USA Swimming meets. Athlete membership is annual or seasonal. 

Athlete Protection Training for Adult Athletes

IMPORTANT NOTE:  APT courses can be taken on SWIMS 3.0.  Search "All Courses."  Athletes 17 and older should create their own SWIMS 3.0 account in order to fulfill their APT obligation.  

The Athlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes went into effect on June 23, 2019.  

  • The APT requirement for swimmers aged 18 and above will be universally enforced at all sanctioned and approved meets going forward.  They may access the training here
  • Athletes may take the course at any time - they need not wait until their 18th birthday.  They should, however, keep in mind that the course is only good for one year from date of completion, so the earlier it is taken, the sooner it will have to be taken again.
  • Please note that the SURVEYS at the end of the APT modules are NOT optional, and members will not get credit for the courses until the surveys are completed. 
  • Instructions for completing APT modules can be found hereAthlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes with Cognitive Disabilities

Athletes Joining a Connecticut Swimming Club

Athletes who plan to swim with a CT Swimming club should contact the club directly regarding membership.  These athletes are registered only through the club, and not directly through the CT Swimming office.

Athletes Joining USA Swimming Independently of a Club

Parents of athletes with no affiliation to a USA/CT Swimming club should contact Ginger McCurdy to obtain membership/registration information. Athletes entering CT/USA Swimming meets independent of a USA Swimming club or coach shall: 1.) be under the supervision of a USA Swimming coach for the duration of the meet and it is the swimmer's responsibility to make arrangements with a USA Swimming member coach prior to the meet. Athletes unaccompanied by a USA Swimming coach will not be permitted on deck. 2) be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water. It is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer's legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement. The name of the USA Swimming member coach supervising the athlete and racing certification should be submitted to the Meet Director with the entry into the swim meet.

Important Athlete Registration Reminder to Club Registrars

Each CSI Club has a Registrar or person responsible for handling their athletes' membership. The club registrar works with the CSI Registrar listed on the Membership page. Athlete registration is done using swim software. No handwritten applications will be accepted. Payment is made by the CSI club to Connecticut Swimming by credit card (preferred) or club check. No registrations will be processed without payment. No registrations will be processed at swim meets. Registration procedures are outlined below.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  When registering members, the request for disability information must be noted as OPTIONAL.  It is a violation of the ADA to require individuals to provide disability information, so it’s important to update your forms to reflect that provision of this information is entirely optional.

Athlete Registration Procedures for Clubs

All swimmers must be registered prior to entry in a USA/CSI Swimming meet. Please read Registration Policy Regarding USA Swimming Competition. Before uploading a registration file please be sure any athlete transferring to your club from another USA Swimming club has be released. This is done using by reading the CSI Athlete Transfer Policy and then submitting an Athlete Transfer/Release Online Submittal.

General Timeline: All "new" and expired athletes must be registered immediately. "New" is defined as new to USA Swimming and never registered with any USA Swimming member club in the United States. Renewing full year 2021 athletes must be registered no later than December 31, 2020 for the 2020 registration year.  Renewing seasonal athletes must be registered at the beginning of the long course season (approximately April 4)

  • Note: Due to the 2-meet competition restriction, athletes should not be registered as Flex for the following year until they are done competing in the current year.

Using Software: Athlete registration is handled by swim software which generates a *.sd3 registration file containing from 1 to hundreds of athletes. This file contains the athletes' full legal name, date of birth, address, gender, citizenship, ethnicity (optional), disability (optional), parent contact information, etc. and is uploaded into USA Swimming's registration database completing the athlete's registration. Collect the above information from the athlete's parents emphasizing the importance of the full legal name and date of birth. A field is provided for a preferred name or nickname.

Important: It is critical the athletes full legal name, including the middle name, and date of birth be accurate. USA Swimming creates a ID for each athlete based on the legal name and birthday. This ID is used to verify an athlete's registration, upload times associated with the athlete into times databases, etc. USA Swimming databases require an exact match.

Submitting Registration to a CSI Registrar:

  • Create your *.sd3 file. It is important to select the correct membership type: Full Year, Flex, or Seasonal.
  • Note: Athletes should not be registered as Flex for the following year until they are done competing in the current year.
  • Log into your Club Administration page on Connecticut FAST.
  • Click on Athlete Registration Submittal for Clubs.
  • Upload the required *.sd3 file. You also have the option of uploading a roster.
  • You will be automatically routed to the Connecticut Swimming credit card payment site, or provided the opportunity to describe an alternate payment method.
  • Club athletes will be registered when both the registration file and payment are received.  Please allow one business day for processing. Your CSI Registrar will confirm with you.

Rosters: Clubs may request a current roster export (PDF) from the USA Swimming registration database. A list of each club's athletes, USA IDs, and registration status is available as a Connecticut FAST query. Contact for the password.

Seasonal Athlete Membership and Registration:

Seasonal membership is available for athletes only and is valid from April 3 through August 31. Athletes registered as "Seasonal" may enter and compete in Connecticut Swimming meets held April 3 through August 31. Seasonal athletes must purchase a full-year membership to compete in any meet at the zone level or higher. At the discretion of the sanctioning LSC, some out-of-state competitions may not allow seasonal athletes.

Note regarding software: Please indicate "Season One" in your registration software to receive the seasonal rate. Registrations with incorrect designations will be returned to the club's registration chair.