Connecticut Swimming

Administrative Official


Administrative Official (Minimum Age 18)

Education & Training
Member of USA Swimming
  Attend AO Clinic training.
  Pass USA Swimming Administrative Official certification test.
  Apprentice as AO for at least (4) Training Sessions total over two (2) different meets with a Trainer.

Satisfactory Performance.

Evaluation & Certification
Apprenticeship singed off by a Certifier.
  Must complete certification within one (1) year from month of Clinic.

May officiate in any AO role at any meet.

Recertification (every 3 years)
Worked a minimum of eight (8) Qualified Recertification Sessions, within a three (3) year period, as AO or in a role identified under 102.14.1A-D.
  Attend Clinic every three (3) years.
  Pass USA Swimming recertification test every three (3) years.

Satisfactory performance.

Once a person is certified as a stroke and turn official, they are encouraged to participate in as many meets as they can to gain experience and knowledge. This will allow those running meets to have greater confidence in their ability to officiate at meets of various levels.
Administrative Official Evaluation Form (rev. Feb. 2024)

Administrative Official -or- We’re here to help!

Reconciles DQs and No Shows, advises Deck Referee of “swim off” possibilities and follows up, reviews and checks all results and any timing adjustments or corrections during or after each. event. Knows how to make timing corrections. ▪ Finalizes all results after each session, day, and the meet.

Shall be responsible to the Referee for the supervision of the following:

  • The entry and registration process
  • Clerk of Course
  • Timing Equipment Operator
  • Scoring personnel
  • Other administrative personnel

Shall be responsible to the Referee for:

  • The accurate processing of entries and scratches.
  • Accurate seeding of preliminary, semi-final and final heats.
  • Determination and recording of official time.
  • Determination of the official results.
  • Publication and posting of results and scores.

Shall perform other duties assigned by the Referee.

The “Professional” 


Timing Adjustment Rule Change

Declared False Start

Ethics of Swim Officiating