Connecticut Swimming

Stroke & Turn Judge

Stroke & Turn Judge (Minimum Age 18)

Education & Training

Member of USA Swimming

Take the Foundations of Officiating Course.

  Take the Stroke & Turn Certification Course.
  Within the Stroke & Turn Certification Course, you will take the S&T test, which you must pass with a minimum score of 80%.
  Apprentice a minimum of four (4) Training Sessions total over two (2) different meets with a Trainer (cannot make a disqualification during those apprentice Sessions.)

Satisfactory Performance.

Evaluation & Certification
Apprenticeship singed off by a Certifier.
  Must complete certification within one (1) year from month of Clinic.

May officiate in any LSC meet.

Recertification (every 3 years)
Worked a minimum of eight (8) Qualified Recertification Sessions, within a three (3) year period, at a minimum of two (2) different meets in Stroke & Turn or higher capacity.
  Take the Stroke & Turn Certification course, including test, every three (3) years.
  Pass USA Swimming recertification test every three (3) years for the highest certification held.

Satisfactory Performance.

Once a person is certified as a stroke and turn official, they are encouraged to participate in as many meets as they can to gain experience and knowledge. This will allow those running meets to have greater confidence in their ability to officiate at meets of various levels.
Stroke & Turn Evaluation Form (rev. Feb. 2024)

Stroke & Turn Official -or- The Eyes of the Referee!

Stroke Judge

Shall operate on both sides of the pool, preferably walking slightly behind the swimmers during all strokes except freestyle, during which events they may leave poolside, at the Referee’s discretion; shall ensure that the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed; and shall report any violations to the Referee on signed slips detailing the event, the heat number, the lane number and the infraction. I AM READY...HOW DO I START?

Turn Judge

Shall operate on both ends of the pool; shall ensure that after the start and when turning or finishing, the swimmer complies with the rules applicable to the stroke used; and shall report any violations to the Referee on signed slips detailing the event, the heat number, lane number and infraction observed.

Jurisdiction of Stroke and Turn Judges

Before the competition begins, the Referee shall determine the respective areas of stroke and turn responsibility and jurisdiction, which may include joint, concurrent, and coordinated responsibility and jurisdiction. The Referee shall insure that all swimmers have fair, equitable, and uniform conditions of judging.

Ethics of Swim Officiating

Relay Take Off Instructions

Deck Protocol "Championship Meets"