Connecticut Swimming


Referee (Minimum Age 19)

Education & Training
Member of USA Swimming
Certified Stroke & Turn.
Certified Administrative Official.
Certified Starter
Pass USA Swimming Referee certification test.
Apprentice as a Referee for at least four (4) Training Sessions total over two (2) meets with two (2) Trainer.
Satisfactory performance.

Evaluation & Certification
Apprenticeship singed off by a Certifier.
  Must complete certification within one (1) year from date of Clinic.

May officiate in any Referee role at any meet, except that in meets classified as USA Swimming Championships (as defined by 102.10.5), this certification may not meet the requirements of serving as the required Administrative Referee.

Recertification (every 3 years)
Worked sixteen (16) Sessions, within a three (3) year period, at least eight (8) Sessions in any Referee position.
  Attend Clinic every three (3) years.
  Pass USA Swimming recertification test every three (3) years.

Satisfactory performance.

Once a person is certified as a Referee, they are encouraged to participate in as many meets as they can to gain experience and knowledge. This will allow those running meets to have greater confidence in their ability to a Referee at meets of various levels.
Referee Evaluation Form (rev. Feb. 2024)

It’s more than blowing a whistle!

Shall have full authority over all officials and shall assign and instruct them; shall enforce all
applicable rules and shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet, the
final settlement of which is not otherwise assigned by said rules; can overrule any meet official on a point of rule interpretation, or on a judgment decision pertaining to an action which the Referee has personally observed.

Referee Evaluation Form (rev. Feb. 2024)

The "Professional" Deck Referee


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Deck Protocol "Championship Meets"

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