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Bid Procedures for Hosting a CSI Long Course Meet

How to Become a Meet Host and Bid Procedures

Connecticut Swimming offers 2 competitive season calendars. Short Course season generally runs October through March and Long Course season generally runs April through July. For each season, USA Swimming clubs are welcome and encouraged to submit a bid declaration for one or more meets that will appear on the CSI meet calendar. Short Course (SC) season bidding generally opens in May/June and Long Course (LC) in January/February. CSI Program Operations maintains formal bidding procedures, which USA Swimming clubs agree to abide by. Bid Procedures for the 2024 LC schedule are posted below.

2024 Long Course Bid Information and Procedures

Welcome to the LC Bid Declarations page for CSI Regularly-Scheduled meets and Regional Championships. Using the Connecticut FAST application Swim Meet Bids, clubs will post their bids "virtually" to a password protected online calendar, and in real-time, view all bid declarations. Bidding clubs may move, edit or remove their bids until the deadline. After the deadline, clubs may view all bids in a calendar format, but may not edit their bids.

LC Season is a defined time period, generally held during the spring and summer, where meets of any course (LCM, SCM, and SCY) are sanctioned. Traditionally the LC Season dates have been April through August. 



  • The following dates are reserved for CSI championship meets and events.
  • July 11-14, 2024:  Senior Championships
    • 12/Under Meets with no cuts and 13/over meets with max cuts equal to the 2024 LC Senior cuts are allowed
  • July 19-21 2024: Regional Championships
    • Complete blackout no other meets allowed
  • July 25-28, 2024: Age Group Championships
    • 15/Over meets with no cuts, and 14/under meets with MAX cuts equal of 2024 LC Age Groups cuts are allowed


  • Regularly Scheduled Sanctioned/Approved meet: Login to Connecticut FAST Club Administration page and click on "Swim Meet Bids"
  • See Regional Bid page for more dates concerning Regional Bidding

DATES and DEADLINES (note these are tentative dates):

  • February 12th - Regional Bids Open
  • February 26th - Regional Bid Close at Noon
  • February 27th at 5:00p - Regularly Scheduled Meet Bids Open 
  • February 29th at 5:00p - Regional sites awarded
  • March 29th at 5:00p - Regularly Scheduled Meet Bids Close 
    • If you need more time bc a facility is being noncommittal, PUT THE BID IN.  It is easier to take a meet off the schedule than it is to add later.
  • March 29th 5:01p - April 1st 4:59p - Correction period
  • April Meet info (any meet with a start date in the month of April)
    • Due April 3rd by 1:00p (the earlier you get Yolanda and Henk the info, the better)
    • Host can accept April meet entries starting April 5th at 7:00p
    • For any meet April 1st-14th, please contact Henk and Yolanda and we will work with you to get your meet posted and set an entry date. 
    • No CT deadline required.
  • May Meet info (any meet that is in or starts in May) 
    • Due April 15th by 11:59p.
    • Host can accept May meet entries starting April 18th at 7:00p
    • No CT deadline required.
  • June/July/Aug Meet info (any meet that is in or starts in June/July or Aug) 
    • Due April 22nd at 11:59p.
    • Host can start accepting June meet entries starting April 25th at 7:00p
    • These meets MUST have a CT only deadline at least 4 days after the open date, i.E. April 25th open to CT Teams, April 29th open to all Teams.
  • You are welcome to get your meet information in early and we will do my best to post early.
  • You are welcome to get your meet information in late.  You will just shorten your window to "advertise' your meet.  
  • There is no penalty to getting your meet information in late.  


  • The surcharge for all meets during the 2023 LC Season regardless of course is 10%






After The Meet Responsibilities

  • Email Henk, JUST the meet database backup. (Hytek>File>Backup)
  • Log into your Club's FAST Administration page and complete the Meet Directors Report Online
  • Do not submit surcharge payment unless instructed to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact Program Operations. Technical questions regarding the website and/or online submittal should be directed to Henk,