Connecticut Swimming



  • Host Team must have had representation at the prior season's House of Delegates.  
  • Penalty Regarding Letter of Intent for Guest Officials: Effective February 2019, bids received listing guest Meet Referees must submit the accompanying letter of intent by the bid deadline. Bids without a letter of intent will be declined by Program Operations and the bidder will be given the opportunity to bid on an off-calendar meet.
  • Lifeguard Requirement for Regional Championships: Effective with the 2019-2020 SC season all Regional Championship meet venues must be staffed with lifeguards for the duration of the meet. CSI encourages but does not require lifeguards for non-championship meets.
  • Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) is in effect for all CSI sanctioned or approved meets.
  • Regularly scheduled meets must be run with a lead Administrative Official assigned.
  • In order to bid on a meet with an out-of-state Meet Referee, prior approval must be granted by the CSI Officials Chair.
  • Sanction Fee deposit is $300 per meet. There are no exceptions to the deadlines. Exemptions: Sanctioned Distance Meets as defined by CSI; sanctioned 9/U Meets; and sanctioned 8/U meets. In the case of sanctioned 10/U meets, no sanction deposit is required when the meet contains 8/U events and 1-6 place finish awards are provided. Intrasquad meets are subject to a non-refundable sanction fee.  This is suspended for the LC season and may go away forever.  

  • Submitting Proposed Meet Schedule or a session report is required. The proposed schedule should list your meet's sessions, time schedule, and age groups. Unless submitted with the bid, session reports will be required with your meet announcement.
  • True Invitational meets where a host Team can invite and guarantee entry are NOT allowed during the LC season.
  • The Meet Fee Policy is in effect.