Connecticut Swimming

Regular Season Bids

Submitting a Regular LC Season Bid

Bidding clubs will see all submitted bids in real time on the "Meet Bid Link" on their club administration page in Connecticut FAST. After bids close, the final bids maybe viewed but not changed. To submit a bid, clubs must login to Connecticut FAST administration page and click on "Swim Meet Bids"

Getting Started:

  1. FAST administration page password.
  2. Officials registered with your club.  Please check FAST- Officials to make sure a.) your officials are currently registered, b.) your officials are listed with the correct certification, and c.) your officials are listed with the correct (your) club.  Any errors or omissions should be reported to Dave Pite, Officials Chair. Changes to officials’ club affiliation and/or certification will not be accepted after the bid deadline.
  3. Letter of Intention from "guest" officials. If your club is without a referee and/or starter for the meet you intend to host, you are required to supply Program Operations will a letter of intent from a guest official(s). This may be done by the guest official sending the letter of intent directly to Program Operations by the bid deadline. Penalty Regarding Letter of Intent for Guest Officials: Effective February 2019, bids received listing guest Meet Referees must submit the accompanying letter of intent by the bid deadline. Bids without a letter of intent will be declined by Program Operations and the bidder will be given the opportunity to bid on an off-calendar meet.

The following information is required to submit a bid:

1. sanctioned or approved meet
2. meet dates
3. meet location (pool)
4. meet type (invitational, distance, etc.)
5. meet format (timed finals, prelim/finals)
6. age groups
7. meet session schedule and meet duration
8. time standards
9. time trials
10. pool course
11. entries accepted from
12. awards
13. splash fees (entry fees)
14. officials


Instructions for Regularly-Scheduled (non-championship) Meets:

Note about the pools. Pool information is pre-loaded into FAST. If a pool is missing, please email with the name of the pool, location, course(s), and number of lanes. After you select the course for your meet, the list of pools will refresh and contain only pools with the specified course.

  1. Log into Connecticut FAST administration page using your club's password. This is the same password that is used for Online Entries.
  2. Click on "Swim Meet Bids"
  3. Click on a calendar for the month in which you are bidding. Then select the day. A "New Swim Meet Bid" form will open. You must complete all the fields. If you plan to use officials from another club to round out your officials list, be sure to select that option. When you are done click "Submit New Meet Bid".
  4. To View your bid: Click on Details on the Calendar page.
  5. To Move your bid: Click on Edit on the Calendar page and change the dates. You will not have to re-enter any details.
  6. To Delete your bid: Click on Delete on the Calendar page.
  7. You may edit, move, delete and add as many bids as you like until the deadline. After the deadline, you may only view the calendar and bid details.
  8. You may View other clubs' bids, but you may not edit, move or delete another clubs' bids.
  9. You may select officials from another club, but you must have one official from your club and you must supply a letter of intent from "guest" officials to Program Operations.
  10. After bids close, Program Operations will review the list and look for pool conflicts, etc. You should be available to answer any questions from Program Operations.

Scheduling Procedures for a Regularly-Scheduled Meet:

CSI clubs that wish to host a long course meet shall be required to declare their intention to sponsor a meet by completing a Declaration of Intention (bid) using Connecticut FAST "Swim Meet Bids" application. 

Reminders: Submitting Proposed Meet Schedule or a session report is required. The proposed schedule should list your meet's sessions, time schedule, and age groups. Session Reports for your long-course season meet will be required with your meet announcement if not submitted with your bid.

Declarations of Intention for meets must include the proposed dates of the meet(s), and a description of the meet format, splash fees, awards, entry times, etc.

Clubs who submit a Declaration will view in real-time a list of all bids, which includes type of meet proposed, and the pools and dates requested and will have until the deadline to move, delete, or edit their bid declarations.

Meets held less than three weeks before the Senior Championship Meet will have an accelerated timetable to submit results in order for times to be considered for entry into CSI championship meets.  Clubs bidding on meets in this time frame acknowledge and accept this additional responsibility.

Officials: All bidding clubs are required to have a certified Stroke and Turn Official, Starter, Administrative Official, and Referee registered with their club no later than the bid deadline. For clubs unable to meet this requirement for a Referee, Starter, and/or Administrative Official (All bid forms also must include at least one certified Stroke and Turn Official, registered with the host club, in order to bid.), the requirement can be met by acquiring a letter of intent, sent to CSI Program Operations, demonstrating the commitment of the Referee, Starter, and/or Administrative Official to work the bid meets. Note that a second Referee may be used to satisfy the requirement for an Administrative Official. Please send this letter to Program Operations and the CSI Central Office by the bid deadline.

Date and Pool Conflicts: If there is more than one club bidding for a particular pool on a particular date, preference will be given to a club who has included on its bid form a list of its club’s officials, at least one of whom is a referee and one of whom is a starter, who have committed to work at that particular meet. All bid declarations also must include at least one certified Stroke and Turn Official (also registered with the host club). Bids not meeting the minimum of at least 1 Stroke and Turn official will be rejected. Clubs using guest officials will receive lower priority or exclusion in any case where Program Operations makes a determination regarding a meet award.

A lottery system will be used if there is more than one club with a full complement of officials bidding for a particular pool on a particular date. Any club with officials who receives a date by lottery will be ineligible for a second meet by lottery until all clubs with officials have received their first meet. Clubs with guest officials may also receive pools and dates by lottery; but, club(s) with a full complement of officials bidding, that club(s) will be given priority.

Jointly Hosted Meet: If the meet is jointly hosted by two clubs, only the club which the online bid was made will receive the benefit of the splash fee waiver. The Club must demonstrate in writing, on the on-line bid, that various meet functions are shared between two clubs to constitute jointly hosted meet. Only one (1) bid may be submitted per meet per joint host.  A meet may not be jointly hosted by more than two clubs.

Meet Announcements, session reports, and meet event files are due in the CSI Central Office by dates listed. 

Meet Acceptance Form and Sanction Deposit for ALL meets will be due in the CSI office by the date listed.  The Meet Acceptance form and Sanction Fee Policy are available on the club's FAST Administration page. Sanction deposits of $300 per meet, excluding exempt meets, may be paid with Visa or MC or check payable to CT Swimming. The Meet Acceptance Form is required for all meets regardless of sanction fee exemption.  The meet sanction deposit has been suspended for the 2023 LC season.