Connecticut Swimming

Regional Official's Requirements

Official Requirement: Upon submitting a bid, clubs are required to have the following Officials with current certifications:

  • Meet Referee
    • Penalty Regarding Letter of Intent for Guest Officials: Effective February 2019, bids received listing guest Meet Referees must submit the accompanying letter of intent by March 21, 2022. Bids without a letter of intent will be declined by Program Operations and the bidder will be given the opportunity to bid on an off-calendar meet.
  • Starter
  • Stroke & Turn Official. Bids will be rejected from clubs with no certified Stroke and Turn official registered with their club.
  • For clubs unable to meet the above Official Requirements, this requirement may be met by acquiring a letter of intent from a certified Referee and/or Starter, sent to CSI Program Operations, demonstrating the commitment of both the guest starter and/or guest referee to work the ENTIRE Regional Championship. Clubs submitting  letter(s) of intent and using guest officials may receive lower priority or exclusion in any case where the Regional Selection Committee makes a determination regarding a meet award. Please send letters of intent to Program Operations not later than March 21, 2022.