Connecticut Swimming

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How do I become an official for USA Swimming in CT?

  1. Register online as a member of Connecticut and USA Swimming (New Account Instructions)
  2. Attend a Clinic – usually 2 ½ hours on a weekday evening.
  3. Take an online, open-book test (USA Swimming University)
  4. View an online video and take a short quiz about protecting athletes (APT - cannot be taken until you are within 60 days of your expiration date) - Safe Sport Policy
  5. Apply online for a background check -- required of all officials (FAQS)
  6.  Take Concussion Protocol Training (CPT), one-time requirement.
  7. Train by shadowing a certified official at a minimum of two meets.

Stroke & Turn and Administrative Official Checklists

Clinics Schedule

National Certification Levels

Steps to Advance Certifications

Advancing to Chief Judge ***New for 2023***
Advancing to Starter

Starter Advancement Checklist (rev. Dec. 2019)

Starter Evaluation Checklist
Starter Evaluation Checklist
Advancing to Deck Referee

Steps for Recertification

Recertification of Meet Referees (rev. Sep. 2023)

Recertification of Deck Referees (rev. Jan 2020)

Recertification of Starters (rev. Jan 2020)

Recertification of Stroke & Turn (rev. Jan 2020)

Recertification of Administrative Officials (rev. Jan 2020)

Clinics Schedule