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House of Delegates

The CSI House of Delegates consists of the Board Members, CSI Club Member Representatives, and the At-Large House Members. The duties, etc. of the House of Delegates are outlined in the Bylaws Article 4. The May meeting is traditionally the annual meeting of Connecticut Swimming.

Save the Date: House of Delegates Fall Meeting

The next House of Delegates meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 7:30 pm at the High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Rd, Orange, CT. This meeting is required for ALL non-college clubs. Clubs attending this meeting will receive a $100 refund from their $500 2019 USA Swimming club membership fee. This meeting is required for any club wishing to receive a sanction/approval for the 2019 LC Course season.

Rescheduled: Spring House of Delegates Annual Meeting, Monday June 18, 2018

The annual meeting of the House of Delegates will be held on Monday June 18, 2018, 7:30 pm, at High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Rd, Orange, CT.

House of Delegates Fall Meeting Highlights

The fall meeting of the House of Delegates was convened by General Chair Ellen Johnston on Saturday, September 23, 2017, 1:15 pm, at the Graduate Club, New Haven, CT. Ellen welcomed all to the meeting. She noted that CSI continues to be in the forefront of LSCs and the Board of Directors is a very committed group of volunteers working hard for the betterment of CSI.  Several task forces have been set up within the Board (i.e., to review meet scheduling and meet host bidding process, to review the Coaches Education Grant, etc.).  Ellen reviewed the past year, noting highs and lows.  Highs included a Junior National Champion Kate Douglass, CPAC, and National Junior Team member Kieran Smith, RAC.  Lows included the passing of four CSI members:  Chris Morin, Joe Brophy, Judy Snow, and Bill Krumm, all of whom gave in so many ways to CSI and to the sport of swimming. Additionally, the Age Group Coach of the Year Award has been renamed the Bill Krumm Age Group Coach of the Year Award.

Ellen summarized the United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Aquatics Convention, noting that USA Swimming governance has been completely overhauled. The USA Swimming Board of Directors will now be more strategic, less operational, and some positions such as Zone Chair will be phased out.  Also discussed, USA Swimming has hired a consultant to review technical suit policies for younger athletes.

Treasurer Sue Lecza distributed and reviewed the preliminary financial statements as of (and for the year ended) August 31, 2017 Net Income is shown as $29.600, however there may still be some outstanding expenses to be paid.  The financial statements will be going to the auditors in the next month or two.

Technical Planning Committee Chair Jen Lyman and Zone Coordinator At-Large John Scaldini reported that the Eastern Zone voted to make the Short Course Age Group Zone Championship meet a time standards meet and entries will be handled by individual clubs (no LSC entry).  Swimmers and relay teams will represent their club and scoring will be by individual clubs.  There will be no LSC team (CT-CT) representation. The Long Course Age Group Zone Championship remains unchanged. It will be an LSC team represented time standards meet.

Program Development Vice Chair Kaeley Steinnagel reported qualifying times for Age Group and Senior Championships will be completed in October.  CSI Championship meets for Short Course are as follows: Regionals – March 2-4 at various sites: Seniors March 8-11 at Wesleyan; Age Groups March 15-18 at Chelsea Piers CT. A new annual award is being created in honor of Judy Snow.  The award will be for a Swimmer Volunteer of the Year.  The criteria will be established and communicated in the near future. It will be based on a point system.  The first award will be presented at the 2018 Annual Awards Banquet.

Officials Committee Chair Ken Gray reported that USA Swimming has approved a modification to the Medley Rule.  Swimmer can come off the wall on their back, but must be past vertical before any progressive movement.

Coaches Representatives Dave Modzelewski/Erin Ritz announced the Coaches Education Grant awards. For the 2016-2017 period, 6 coaches applied for a total of 4 grants. Based on the point system, 3 accrued the highest number of points and will be awarded $500 each (Congratulations Dennis Flores, Jen Lyman and Dan Mascolo).  There was a 3-way tie for the 4th total points, therefore it will be split among the remaining 3 coaches (Congratulations Kevin Quill, Emmanuel Lanzo and Kaeley Steinnagel). Erin reported that the Coaches Education Grant guidelines and awards are under review.

Athlete Representatives Jack Gray/Miku Takabayashi summarized their athlete survey results. There were two questions and 155 respondents:

  • What timing do you prefer for Senior Championships (December, February, or March)?
    60% said they prefer March.
  • Where would you prefer to have Senior Championships?
    78% said they prefer Wesleyan to Chelsea Piers.

New Business: Proposed LC Regional Championship Format Changes were presented by Program Operations Chair Kaeley Steinnagel, Age Group Committee Chair Dan Mascolo, and Coach at Large (former Technical Planning Committee Chair) Henk Jansen. The options were reviewed and questions answered.  Each club in attendance voted for one of five options presented. Option 5 was selected: (i) Silver Championships – One meet for the swimmers who are within a certain percentage of Age Group Championship cuts (i.e., all kids who are within 10% of making the AG cut qualify for this meet.)  (ii) Bronze Championships – The rest of the weekend are meets bid out by CSI much like Regionals with max cuts, etc. Note: This format change is for the Long Course season.

With the business portion of the House of Delegates concluded, guest speaker Scott Driscoll from Internet Safety Concepts spoke about internet awareness especially how today's apps, online social networking, etc, can affect children in positive and negative ways. Among other things, he spoke to how adults can help children from becoming victims and provided safety tips for protecting yourself online.

  • IMPORTANT: Except for college clubs, all clubs are required to attend House of Delegates meetings. Failure to attend results in financial penalty.
  • The fall meeting of the House of Delegates will be held Saturday, September 23, 2017, 1:15 pm at the Graduate Club, 155 Elm St, New Haven. Clubs attending this meeting will receive a $100 refund from their $500 2018 USA Swimming Club Membership membership fee. Clubs attending the May 2018 House of Delegates (date is TBD) will receive another $100 refund.
  • This meeting is required for any club wishing to receive a sanction/approval for the 2018 Long Course season.
  • Review Club Delegates (as of September 22) and email corrections to
  • Guest speaker: Scott Driscoll, Internet Safety Concepts. Topics covered will be:
    • Today’s current apps and programs
    • Cyber bullying/Sexting
    • Social Networking, positives and negatives
    • How to protect kids from becoming victims
    • How we create “digital footprints”
    • Safety tips for coaches/professionals on how to protect themselves online
  • Schedule
    • 8 AM: Officials reception/breakfast
      9 AM: Officials Meeting
      11:15-12 PM: Coaches and Officials Q&A ***NEW***
      12 PM: Lunch
      1:15-2 PM: House of Delegates business meeting
      2-3:30 PM: Guest speaker Scott Driscoll
  • Handouts

Annual Meeting Highlights Tuesday, May 16, 2017

  • The annual meeting of the House of Delegates was convened by General Chair Ellen Johnston on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 7:30pm, at Beckerman Athletic Center in Hamden. Special thanks to Hamden Hall and to Ken Pierson for making arrangements. A moment of silence was held for CSI members that had passed away recently: Joe Brophy, coach; Bill Krumm, coach and long-time Board of Director member; and Judy Snow, long-time CSI registrar. Ellen introduced Jeff Allen, USA Swimming Eastern Zone Sports Development Consultant and welcomed him to the meeting.
  • Athlete Representatives Lindsay Gordon, Jack Gray, and Miku Takabayashi announced the incoming Junior Athlete Representatives Tylor Mathieu, BDEV; Marissa McNary, SYS; and McAllister Milne, BDEV; all of whom begin their terms on May 17, 2017.  In addition, Erin Ritz, WRAT, begins her term as Junior Coach Representative on May 17, 2017.
  • The meeting Agenda and October 2016 meeting minutes were approved.
  • Board of Director Officers, Committee Chairs and Coordinators introduced themselves and present brief oral reports.
  • Finance Vice-Chair Todd Gordon presented the 2017-2018 Proposed Budget. Approved unanimously.
  • Nominating Committee Chair David Heller presented the Slate of Nominees and hearing no nominations from the floor, elections were held. Elected to the Board of Directors were: Susan Lezca, SYS, Treasurer; Suzannah Rogers, S70, and Mark Wollen, CDOG, Program Operations Co-Vice-Chairs; Dan Mascolo, CDOG, Age Group Committee Chair; Jen Lyman, SLAC, Technical Planning Committee Chair; Ken Gray, CAC, Officials Chair; Henk Jansen, PSDY, Coach-at-Large; Rick LaFrenierre, UN, Registration/Membership Coordinator; Duffy Mudry, SYS, and Jim Robison, CDOG, Safety Co-Coordinators; and Rob Riccobon, WHAT, Safe Sport Coordinator. These Board Members-elect will begin their 2-year terms on September 1, 2017. Special thanks to the Nominating Committee: Ed Becker, UN; Rob Bouchey, NMEG; David Heller, UN; Tom Jurzynski, WAC; Richard Lewis, SHKS; Jen Lyman, SLAC; John Scaldini, WEST; Jeff Sargent, WRAT, Athlete; and Ty Seymour, UN, Athlete.
  • Administrative Chair Dave Reilly presented revisions to the CSI Bylaws. Approved and effective immediately.
  • The fall meeting date was selected. The meeting will be held Saturday, September 23, 2017. Location and time to be determined.
  • The last agenda item was the presentation and discussion of the 2018 LC Regional Championship - Proposed Format Changes. Led by Henk Jansen, Technical Planning Committee Chair, discussion only was held and ideas exchanged. Two of the ideas that came from the delegates were: 1.) not holding Regional Championship and instead opening up the weekend to allow teams to host CSI sanctioned meets, and 2.) for the “10% Meet” to allow for bonus events. Technical Planning Committee will continue in its format review.
  • The meet adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Annual Meeting Notice Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Past Meeting Highlights Saturday, October 1, 2016

Guest Speaker: Mike Unger, Assistant Director at USA Swimming and co-producer of the The Last Gold, will speak about the story and production of this documentary detailing the heroic efforts of the women’s 1976 U.S. Olympic swim team as they competed against the systematically-doped East Germans. After an entire competition of disappointing results, winning no races and facing critical media that heaped on additional pressure, the U.S. women rallied together to do as a team what they could not do individually – win gold.

  • NEW and IMPORTANT: Effective September 1, 2016, except for college clubs, all clubs are required to attend House of Delegates meetings. Failure to attend results in financial penalty.
  • The fall meeting of the House of Delegates & Swimposium will be held Saturday, October 1, 2016. This meeting is required for ALL non-college clubs. Clubs attending the October 1 meeting will receive a $100 refund from their $500 2017 USA Swimming club membership fee. This meeting is required for any club wishing to receive a sanction/approval for the 2017 Long Course season. Clubs attending the May 2017 House of Delegates will receive a second $100 refund from their 2017 club membership fees.
  • Location: Courtyard by Marriott, Shelton, CT.
  • Registration Clubs are encouraged to register.
  • Meet Host Requirement: Clubs wishing to host a 2017 LC meet must send a representative to this meeting.
  • Coach Seminar: Announcing guest speaker Michael Brooks, North Caroline Aquatic Club Head coach and author of the book Developing Swimmers.
  • Annual Officials Clinic: more information to follow.
  • Agenda will be posted in the near future.
  • Club Delegates as of September 29, 2016. Email updates to All delegates must be members in good-standing.
  • House of Delegates May 2016 minutes

Highlights | Annual Meeting Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The annual meeting of the CSI House of Delegates (HOD) was held at the Beckerman Athletic Center, Hamden, CT. Special thanks to Ken Peirson, and HHAC, for hosting the meeting. Announcements and reports were presented and feedback/discussion held for the past championship season, proposed budget, etc. The 2016-2017 budget was approved by the HOD. Elections were held for the CSI Board of Directors and incoming Coach and Athlete Representatives were introduced. Congratulations to the new Junior Athlete Representatives Victoria Fletcher (S70), Jack Gray (WRAT), and Miku Takabayashi (BDEV) elected by their peers this past March. Dave Modzelewski (WYW) was elected Junior Coach Representative after Short Course Senior Championships. Congratulations to all representatives and we welcome them to the Board of Directors effective May 18, 2016.

Elected by the House of Delegates to the Board of Directors are:

General Chair: Ellen Johnston (WRAT)
Administrative Vice-Chair: Dave Reilly (WAC)
Finance Vice-Chair: Todd Gordon (RAC)
Program Development Vice-Chair: Kaeley Steinnagel (LEHY)
Senior Committee Chair: Jason Paige (RYWC)
Secretary: Joan Lynch (GYWD)

These members will serve a two-year term beginning September 1, 2016. Special thanks to members of the Nominating Committee: David Heller (UN) Chair, Nick Cavataro (GYWD), Robert Cristiano (SMST), Omar Cruz (ZEUS), Heather Flaherty (GRYM), Matt Hall (WYW), and Jen Lyman (NMEG) for serving on the Nominating Committee and  presenting the slate of nominees.