Connecticut Swimming

Board of Directors and Other Committee Chairs

Ellen Johnston »

General Chair

Dave Reilly »

Administrative Vice-Chair

Joan Lynch »


Todd Gordon »

Finance Vice-Chair, Banquet Coordinator

Susan Lecza »


Kaeley Steinnagel »

Program Development Vice-Chair, Banquet Coordinator

Jason Paige »

Senior Committee Chair

Dan Mascolo »

Age Group Committee Chair

Jen Lyman »

Technical Planning Committee Chair

Suzannah Rogers »

Program Operations Co-Vice-Chair

Mark Wollen »

Program Operations Co-Vice-Chair

Ken Gray »

Officials Committee Chair

Duffy Mudry »

Operational Risk Co-Coordinator

Jim Robison »

Operational Risk Co-Coordinator

Erin Ritz »

Junior Coach Representative

Dave Modzelewski  »

Senior Coach Representative

Jack Gray »

Senior Athlete Representative

Miku Takabayashi »

Senior Athlete Representative

Tylor Mathieu »

Junior Athlete Representative

Marissa McNary »

Junior Athlete Representative

Mcallister Milne »

Junior Athlete Representative

Ed Doernberger »


David Heller »


Henk Jansen »


John Scaldini »

Zone Coordinator Member-At-Large

Rick LaFrenierre »

Membership Coordinator

Rick Lewis »

Immediate Past General Chair

Rob Riccobon »

Safe Sport Coordinator

vacant »

Award Chair

Ginger McCurdy »

National Times Chair, Records Chair / Top 16 Tabulator

Christine Kennedy and Lisa Tyler »

Zone Coordinators

Jen Lyman »

Camp Coordinator

Dale Maine »

CSI Technology Coordinator

Dave Laudati »

Outreach/Diversity Coordinator

Nan Cooper »

Club Development Liaison