Connecticut Swimming


As outlined in its Bylaws, CSI consists of 6 Divisions: Administrative, Finance, Program Development, Program Operations, Athlete, and Coach. Administrative, Finance, Program Development, and Program Operations are overseen by Division Vice-Chairs. The Athlete and Coach Divisions are overseen by the Athlete and Coach Representatives respectively.

Division Organization and Jurisdictions, Standing Committees, and Coordinators

CSI comprises six divisions – Administrative, Program Development, Program Operations, Finance, Athletes, and Coaches – each chaired by a Vice-Chair, the Senior Athlete Representatives, or the Senior Coach Representative, as the case may be, whose respective powers, duties, jurisdiction, and responsibilities are described in CSI Bylaws Section 6.7. Each division Chair oversees the various task areas and officers, standing committees, and coordinators listed below:

Administrative Division | Rick Lewis, Vice-Chair

  • Awards/Banquet Coordinator
  • Bylaws/Legislation
  • Club Development Coordinator
  • Computer Committee
  • Elections
  • Legal (General Counsel)
  • Membership/Registration Coordinator
  • Personnel Committee
  • Public Relations
  • Publications
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Records/Top 16 Tabulation Coordinator
  • Athlete Protection (Safe Sport)
  • Secretary

Finance Division | Todd Gordon, Vice-Chair

  • Audit Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Marketing/Sponsorship
  • Swim-a-thon
  • Tax Committee
  • Treasurer

Program Development Division | Jen Lyman, Vice-Chair

  • Adapted Swimming Coordinator
  • Age Group Committee
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Open Water Committee
  • Outreach/Diversity Committee
  • Program Development Committee
  • Senior Committee
  • Technical Planning Committee
  • Time Standards Coordinator
  • Zone Team Coordinator

Program Operations Division | Mark Wollen, Vice-Chair

  • Awards
  • Clinics
  • Meet Evaluation Coordinator
  • Meet Management Committee
  • Meet Sanctions Committee
  • Meet Sponsorship Committee
  • National Times Verification
  • Officials Committee
  • Safety Committee

Athletes Division | Kyle Brown and Richard Nolan

  • Athlete Representatives
  • Athletes Committee

Coaches Division | vacant, Senior Representative

  • Coach Representatives
  • Coaches Committee

Committee Meetings

All are invited to attend meetings and all CSI meetings are open. If you are interesting in joining a committee please contact the committee chair or coordinator listed on the Board of Directors page.