Connecticut Swimming

USA Swimming National Championship; Club Membership Renewals; Job Postings Updated

USA Swimming SCY Winter National Championship begins tomorrow, November 30, at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA. NBC Sports will provide television coverage and a live webcast of the entire meet will be available online. For psych sheets, schedules and other details visit   Cheer on CT Swimming athletes: Aiden Devers, CCSU; Erin Earley, HMST; Maddie Garber, CCSU; Christine Rasile, CCSU; and Miku Takabayashi, BDEV. Also participating in National Championships is CT Official Ken Gray.

 2017 USA Swimming club membership renewals are due no later than November 30. Memberships received after November 30 will be assessed a $50 late fee. Club membership procedures and application are posted here. The following clubs are reminded to renew: BDEV, CCAT, FFLY, FINS, FVYT, GLAS, GWYB, MRDN, NCA, NMBS, NOMA,  OXO, S70, SA, SHKS, STAM, TAC, UCON, VSYM, WAC, WWRX, YALE.

Job Postings is updated.