Connecticut Swimming

Scholar Athlete Application Deadline; USA Swimming Virtual Meets

Scholar Athlete applications are posted to swimmer and parent My Accounts. CSI member athletes, who meet the eligibility criteria, are eligible for recognition by Connecticut Swimming. Applications must by submitted by Wednesday, July 29, 2020; late applications will not be considered.

USA Swimming has announced a new virtual competition format for its members, allowing swimmers from across the country to compete against one another from the comfort of their local pool.  The new competition style, which they compare to pickup basketball games, marks the first time USA Swimming has held virtual meets on a national scale, allowing swimmers to return to racing while reducing the risks of travel and large gatherings in venues. Athletes who compete in these virtual meets will swim in their local pools and submit their times to USA Swimming just as they would for a traditional meet. These results will then be showcased on a virtual meet leaderboard, in a unique time search database and in a newly designed meet simulator widget on