Connecticut Swimming

House of Delegates Reminder; Swimmer Registration Check Enhancement; Coach Roster Updated

The next House of Delegates meeting will be held Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 7:30 pm at the High Plains Community Center, 525 Orange Center Rd, Orange, CT. This meeting is required for ALL non-college clubs. Clubs attending this meeting will receive a $100 refund from their $500 2019 USA Swimming club membership fee. This meeting is required for any club wishing to receive a sanction/approval for the 2019-2020 Short Course season.

The Swimmer Registration Check found on each club's FAST dashboard (Reports) now allows you to search for a swimmer not with your club. The search will show you the swimmer's full name, the club they are currently registered with, and their registration expiration date. Please use this search to determine if you need to register an athlete transferring to your club. If the athlete is currently registered, transfer the athlete using the Transfer form on the Membership page and don't pay the registration fee. If the athlete isn't registered please register them with your club and make payment for the registration fee.

The Coach Roster is updated.