Connecticut Swimming

House of Delegates Reminders; Concussion Training Required for Meets in CA

House of Delegates convenes tomorrow Tuesday, May 15, 7:30pm, at Beckerman Athletic Center, 225 Skiff St, Hamden. Except for college clubs, all clubs are required to attend House of Delegates meetings. To meet this requirement the club may send any representative affiliated with the club. Furthermore, this meeting is required for any club wishing to receive a sanction/approval for the 2018-2019 Short Course season. To meet this requirement the club may send any non-athlete representative affiliated with the club. Elections to CSI Board of Directors and other matters requiring a club vote will be held at this meeting. A club must have at least 1 delegate at the meeting whose name appears on the delegate list. Please email if you wish to change your delegate(s). Each club may list 3 delegates and cast 1 vote.

Coaches attending any meet in California, including Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, Phillips 66 Nationals or the TYR Pro Swim Series meet, are required by California state law to complete a concussion and head injury education course. Coaches not attending a CA meet are encouraged to take this training as well. Learn more and take the training course here. Reminder: It is the coach's responsibility to keep confirmation/verification of passing the concussion course.