Connecticut Swimming

2017 Club Membership Renewals; Results Posted

2017 USA Swimming club membership renewals are due no later than November 30. Memberships processed after November 30 will be assessed a $50 late fee. Club membership procedures and application are posted here. The following clubs are reminded to renew: ARAC, BDEV, CCAT, FFLY, FINS, FVYT, GLAS, GWYB, IVY, MRDN, NCA, NFAF, NMBS, NOMA, OAK, OXO, PACK, RAC, S70, SA, SHKS, SMST, STAM, SYS, TAC, UCON, VSYM, WAC, WRAT, WWRX, YALE.

Results have been posted for the SYS meet on November 4, the PSDY meets on November 11, the CPAC meet on November 12, and the CAC meet on November 12-13.