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Website and Email Outage Today 1:25-5:25 pm; USAS Convention Memorials

Today at approx 1:25 pm, CSI's name server host (Peer1 in Atlanta) experienced a widespread incident affecting power availability. As a result our services were impacted and was down until approx 5:25 pm. This outage also affected email and any email sent to,, or between 1:25-5:25 pm should be sent again.

Message from USA Swimming: During the USA Swimming House of Delegates meeting at the USAS convention, USA Swimming will remember members who have passed away since last year’s convention. Jim Sheehan, President, will recite the name of each individual and his/her involvement in swimming (athlete, coach, official, volunteer, etc.) and place a flower into a vase in memory of that person. To assist USA Swimming with this presentation, please email the information  Include the name of the person who has passed away and whether the person was an athlete, coach, official, volunteer, etc. Also, please include a picture of the individual which will be used during the memorial as well. Any names provided after September 1 will be remembered at the 2017 convention.