Connecticut Swimming

Bill Repass Awarded USA Swimming Officials' Excellence Award December 2018

USA Swimming's Officials' Excellence Award December 2018 was awarded to Bill Repass. Bill Repass has been a member of the Connecticut Swimming officiating community since 1989. Bill has officiated at every level in Connecticut, is a member of the LSC’s Officials’ Committee, and has served as the Chair of the Committee. Bill has worked at all levels of meets, from local meets up to National Championships, including the 2009 US Open, 2010 Winter National Championships, and the 2013 Phillips 66 National Championships, as well as international meets such as the 2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. Bill serves as a national evaluator and devotes a great deal of time to mentoring officials of all levels. On any deck, with all of his experience, Bill serves as a true mentor who is there to work with the team in any way he can to help raise the level of every official. Bill is eager to field questions from officials and is exceptional at putting newer officials at ease, so that they can learn from his experiences. Officials who work with Bill not only gain knowledge, but rather insight into ways to improve their officiating, as well as ways to take what they have learned back to their clubs and mentor others. Bill has a true passion for swimming and for helping to raise the level of the sport by doing all he can to work with and mentor others. Bill is an outstanding member of the officiating community and we are lucky to have him on our team. Congratulations, Bill!

Courtesy of USA Swimming Official's Newletter