Connecticut Swimming

SWIMS 3.0 Info

SWIMS 3.0 is up and running.  Here are some helpful hints and videos to help with everything SWIMS 3.0, especially the videos!!!  


1) Everything starts with the registration link from your Club.   Click it!   Admins can find this in SWIMS 3.0 under the "Club" toolbar>"My Club">Registration button or by watching the videos and following those instructions.
2) During the process of creating a login for people renewing, you will be asked to LINK your account.  This essentially is LINKing your new login to your records in USA Swimming.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  Even if you haven't been coaching, officiating or swimming for a few years, you want to LINK your records to your new login.  If you somehow skip this step, you will create a new account in USA Swimming as if you were never registered before.  
3) I have heard that after creating your login and linking your account, you will then have to log out and then click the club registration link again to actually register yourself or a swimmer and pay. 
4) DO NOT create a separate login to register your swimmer unless your swimmer is 17/over.  Parents can LINK their swimmer to their account.  You are able to have "joint" accounts.  Click the + sign in the grey family box on your dashboard.
5) If you are a parent who has never been registered with USA Swimming and are registering a swimmer (renewal or new), you still need to create a SWIMS 3.0 login and an account, but you have nothing to link.  Once you create your SWIMS 3.0 account, see directions above to LINK your swimmer IF THEY ARE A RENEWAL.  I would do this before registering them.  You then log out and click your Team's registration link to register your swimmer.  NEW swimmers will have to register first before LINKing to a parent account can happen.
6) If you have dual roles i.e. you are a coach and an official or a coach and a swimmer, this can be done on one login, one registration.  YOU DO NOT CREATE separate logins and YOU PAY ONLY ONCE.  One login, one payment. 


1) USADA, APT and BGC (background check) are all taken through SWIMS 3.0.  USA if you take the correct course, this will automatically update.  CSI registrars cannot update this for. 
2) To access course, Education toolbar tab>Course Catalog>My courses pill on the left should show you the courses you need, if it doesn't, choose All Courses.  The list is alphabetical.
3) All Red Cross courses and concussion courses are to be sent to your CSI registrar for updating.
4) To retrieve your APT certificate, 


1) The educational site on SWIMS 3.0 and Chrome are not fond of one another.  Use Microsoft Edge browser and it works like a charm.  
2) ALL coaches new and old need to take a course by 6/1/23 - Quality Coaching Framework.
3) If you think you paid twice for a registration.  Let me know. I need to send a list to USA Swimming.  I will need receipts.  
4) If you created a duplicate account, Davide and Henk can merge.  Contact one of them.
5) Team registration - if you are having trouble submitting, make sure you chose "Year Round" on the "Club Type" page.  Many Y Teams are getting confused and choosing "organizational"
6) For those parents who created an account for their swimmer first YOU SHOULD BE able to link your swimmer to your account.   
7) Anyone looking to transfer, can do so themselves in SWIMS 3.0.
1) If a swimmer has been registered before EVEN IF it was years ago, they are RENEWALS.  They have an ID that they can request from you.  
2) Please register a swimmers AS A SWIMMER, not Jr coaches, other, organizational, etc.  
3) If you SEE an "Expiration Good Standing Date" of 01/01/0001 it means your swimmer did not complete the registration process and pay.  This may show a "Registration Expiration Date" of 12/31/2023, but that is not the case.  YOUR SWIMMER IS NOT REGISTERED FOR 2023.   Yea not confusing at all.  
4) FAST is being updated.
5) You can create and print a club roster in SWIMS 3.0 that will show registration, good standing and other info.  It is under the reports tab on your top toolbar on your 3.0 dashboard.  This is also a good way of keeping track of your swimmers, noticing duplicates, etc.  Although in some cases you do need to contact Henk or Davide. 
6) If you do not see an athlete on your roster "but they competed over the summer or last year" most likely your swimmer is not regsitered for 2023 or a FLEX or seasonal athlete.  They need to register as a full-year/premium athlete as a RENEWAL.
Meet Recon
1) Kids who are listed as duplicates on meet recon reports 99.9% of the time are legit registered kids.  I leave .01 for something I haven't thought of yet.  Davide and Henk can merge.  Contact one of them.
2) You do not need to update IDs in hy-tek, but it is a good idea.  The old ID (part b-date, part name) will not throw an error when running a meet recon report or hinder uploading results into SWIMS 3.0.  It will mess with FAST a little.
3) Swimmers are matched on name and birthdate.  Those MUST match for results to upload for that swimmer.  Before a meet host sends me a back-up file, kids must match SWIMS 3.0.  I run another meet recon before uploading results.  If there are kids who get flagged on the meet recon report, I will send the file back and ask you to update. 
4) Results.  So far even though your meet recon shows kids with duplicate issues, I am able to upload results and not lose anyone that was registered.  PLEASE see above as do not mistake this for NOT registering your new kids and expecting SWIMS to accept them.  SWIMS will bounce out unregistered kids.  

Team Unify
1) If you are a TU user, please do not ask SWIMS 3.0 support for help with TU issues.  You should contact their support.  I know they are blaming 3.0, but what can be done if a swimmer in 3.0 looks good, but he or she is not showing up in TU?  Does that sound like a 3.0 problem?
2) The issue I am hearing about the most is you see the swimmer in SWIMS 3.0 but not in TU.  Try this, find the kid in 3.0, click the edit button and add a space to end of the last name, then backspace and take the space away.  You've essentially made a "change" to the swimmer.  Now go to TU and do whatever it is you do, to link that swimmer to TU.  It should work. 
3) If you see the kid in TU and not in SWIMS 3.0, it simply means that swimmer is NOT registered at all or not registered to your Team or they were a seasonal athlete and those athletes expired on 8/31/22 or it could be, and I don't know this for a fact, but the kid's APT is due and that will essentially rendering the kid NOT registered.  
4) Beyond this, Davide and I (your registrars) are not experts by any means with TU.  We are having a heck of time keeping up with 3.0.  If you are having other issues with TU, contact their support.   


When in doubt, email Davide or Henk with SWIMS 3.0 issues.  If they can't help they will direct you to USA Swimming Support.