Connecticut Swimming

Senior Championship Thank You; Revised Regional Championship results posted

A note from Randy Erlenbach, Senior Champs meet director:  Thank you coaches, parents, officials and swimmers for all your help this past weekend at  Connecticut Senior Champs.  The sheer number of people helping throughout the weekend is too many to count.  It was inspiring to be  part of a large group of people from all  over our great state( who barely knew each other) work together to change the pool over twice daily from Short Course to Long Course for the benefit of the greater good.  The entire state benefited from your time and efforts. I deeply appreciate your commitment, as do our student athletes!

Coaches, parents and swimmers are encouraged to complete the online meet evaluation form

Revised results are posted for the GRYM, NMEG and SOCO sessions of Regional Championships.  Revisions to the LEHY session are pending.

Coach Roster is posted. Only coaches on this list are permitted to coach on deck at Age Group Championships.

Age Group Championship Timeline is posted as preliminary. NOTE WELL: All breaks are subject to change at the discretion of the Meet Referee. This timeline is both preliminary and non-binding, and includes all athletes before scratches. It is to be used for general planning of timing assignments, and may not be used to excuse lateness by any swimmer, volunteer, or parent.