Connecticut Swimming

Results Posted; Meet Updates

Results have been posted for the CPAC AGQ on October 6-7 and the BULL AGQ on October 13-14.

Updates have been posted to the following meets:

  • WWRX Freestyle Frenzy on October 19-20:  Sessions combined for the 12&U & 13&O Saturday Sessions.  All swimmers now warrm-up at 7:30am, meet starts at  8:35am.  Friday session remains as published.
  • CDOG IMX Cup on October 20-21: Sunday’s 13&O Session 5 times have changed to warm up at 12:00pm and start time of 1:00pm
  • WYW IM Ready meet on December 2:  Revised event list and entry file;
  • HHAC meets on November 10 and December 1:   Entry chair is now Amy Bugge at