Connecticut Swimming

Holiday Office Hours; Registration Update

The CSI Office will be closed for the holidays December 23-26, and January 1.

Registration Update:  Of the 879 coaches and officials currently registered with Connecticut Swimming, 511 (58%) have not yet applied for membership for 2020.  Per USA Swimming, there is no grace period; nonathletes will drop off the rolls at the stroke of midnight on December 31 and will not be allowed on deck until their registration status has been corrected.  Likewise, 16 (22%) of the 70 Connecticut Swimming clubs are not yet registered for 2020.  Should they fail to renew prior to 12/31, their 2020 swimmers will swim unattached until such time as USA Swimming re-certfies the team.  8 working days remain until 2019 memberships expire. To check individual and club memberships, use USA Swimming Deck Pass.