Connecticut Swimming

CT Swim Day at Quassy Thank You

CT Swim Day at Quassy, June 25th

  • Thanks to Jen, Jessica, Emmanuel and Yolanda for volunteering, on short notice no less.  Couldn't have gotten through all those checks without!  Totally saved the day.  Thanks to Dave Heller for getting this event on the CT calendar and George from Quassy who was easy to work with.
  • REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED!! Final roster coming soon.
  • FINAL Attendance roster as of 4:00p on 6/24/22
    • Roster in alphabetical order by first name of the person you listed first on the registration form
    • Check the bottom of the list if you don't see your name, if you still don't see your name, email  
    • If you are pending, your form is not complete.  Most likely you missed a required field or left a blank were FAST expected a numeral.  This is an easy fix.  You will get an email from the Central Office to confirm.  
  • CT Swim Day Flier
  • UPDATE - check-in between 10:30a-3:30p at the Fieldside Pavilion.  Wristbands will be given out.  YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND to enter the pavilion.  
    • Park opens at 11:00a and closes at 8:00p.
    • Food served 12:30-3:30p at the Pavilion
  • UPDATE - Sign-up deadline June 24 at 3:00p.  
    • Anyone who would like to attend after this deadline will have to buy tickets at the door
  • Food, beverages rides, water park, parking and pavilion access will  be included in your ticket price. 
  • Anyone holding a current CT Swim registration can buy discounted tickets to the event.  
    • 13/Overs $25, 12/Under $20
  • Please note, anyone 12/under MUST be accompanied by an adult. 
    • Both must have a wristband to enter the pavilion area.  
  • CT Swimming will NOT provide chaperones. 
  • We will also collect registrations for families of CT Registered athletes and adults.  
    • 13/Overs $45, 12/Unders $39
    • Same prices for buying tickets at the door
  • Registration form
    • CT Swim and non CT Swim registrations can use the same form
  • A flier will be coming soon.