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Coach of the Year Recipients; USA Swimming Safe Sport; 2018 Membership Opens; Job Postings

Congratulations to the 2017 Coach of the Year recipients!

  • Senior Coach of the Year: Emmanuel Lanzo, RAC
  • Age Group Coach of the Year: Gordon Brown, RYWC

Message from USA Swimming: USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program introduces new Athlete Protection Training courses that will be available beginning today for all non-athlete members. The courses will address the day-to-day efforts of cultivating a positive and healthy environment. The courses will serve to fulfill the membership’s APT requirement. The courses will be the first of its kind on the new USA Swimming educational platform LEARN, which stands for Leadership Education and Resource Network. Starting in 2018, the platform will serve as a hub for all online courses and certifications, as well as other relevant content for all USA Swimming member personas. The Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training will mark the start of the flow of content that will be added. Non-athlete members of USA Swimming must fulfill their APT requirement every two years.  LEARN features a point-based certification system, and members will earn 75 points to complete the requirement. Members will take the required course “Safe Sport: Ready, Set, Go!”, as well as one of two other courses. Access to LEARN is through a member portal at and

USA Swimming/CT Swimming 2018 Membership opens today. Visit the Membership page for details.

Job Postings are updated.