Connecticut Swimming

Coach Certifications Expiring; USA Swimming Rules and Regulations

Coach Certifications Expiring:  Coaches are reminded to check their Deck Pass for expiring certifications, especially the CPR and In-Water Safety/Lifeguarding that were extended by USA Swimming earlier in the pandemic.   USA Swimming is again offering coaches the opportunity to extend their CPR and in-water Safety credentials if they cannot find an in-person class for recertification.  This applies only to coaches who have received the earlier Covid-related extensions, and will not happen automatically.  You MUST contact your team's registrar.

  • An Online CPR/AED course from a nationally recognized organization must be taken and the certificate must be sent to the LSC registrar in order for the non-athlete coach member to receive the CPR extension to 7/1/2021. Should you have any questions regarding the acceptability of a course, please contact Risk Management at USA Swimming.
  • In order to receive the in-water Safety Training extension to 7/1/2021, the non-athlete coach member must complete the Red Cross Online Safety Training course. If the non-athlete coach member already has an online STSC expiration date beyond 7/1/2021, the LSC registrar can give them the 7/1/2021 extension.  You must contact your team’s registrar - this extension will not happen automatically, as the last extension did.

Message from USA Swimming: Article 502, pages 105-107, of the 2021 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, provides guidelines about who is authorized to propose legislation and the form to be used when proposing amendments submitted to the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee. The deadline date for submitting proposals is May 15. All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to Clark Hammond, Chair of the Rules & Regulations Committee. Clark has specified that he prefers to receive amendments via e-mail. He will acknowledge receipt of all emailed legislation.