Connecticut Swimming

Board of Directors Meeting; USA Swimming Bylaw Amendment Affecting Clubs

Board of Directors will meet Tuesday, September 15, 2020, via teleconference. Agenda and last meeting draft minutes.

Reminders: At its April 24, 2020, meeting, the USA Swimming Board of Directors approved amendments to the USA Swimming Corporate Bylaws. Two amendments directly impact member club administration.

First, Bylaw 2.6.6 was amended to extend the requirement of non-athlete membership in USA Swimming to all individuals serving on the board of directors of member clubs. Please note this amendment has an immediate effective date. All USA Swimming member clubs are expected to comply with this expectation as a condition of membership in USA Swimming. In addition, Clubs should work with the LSC to ensure all members of its club board of directors are USA Swimming non-athlete members in good standing.

Second, Bylaw 2.6.12 was amended to require all USA Swimming member clubs to have either (i) at least one member coach plus a board of directors or other governing board; or (ii) at least two member coaches. This is to ensure there are at least two adult authorities at each member club for communication and accountability purposes. Please note this amendment has an effective date of January 1, 2021.