Connecticut Swimming

Age Group Championship Timeline; Nominations to Board of Directors

Age Group Championship Timeline. NOTE WELL: Timelines are only an estimate and all breaks are at the discretion of the Meet Referee. Timeline is both preliminary and non-binding, and includes all athletes before scratches.

The CSI Nominating Committee seeks nominees for the following Board of Directors positions:  Age Group Committee Chair, Program Operations Vice-Chair, Treasurer,  Technical Planning Committee Chair, Safety Coordinator, Safe Sport Coordinator, Officials Committee Chair, and the Membership/Registration Coordinator. Descriptions of each position can be found here. Each position serves a 2-year term beginning September 1, 2019. To submit a nomination for yourself or another individual please email Nominating Committee Chair David Heller. Nominating Committee members are David Heller, UN; Emmanuel Lanzo, RAC; Rick Lewis, SHKS; Joan Lynch, GYWD; Richard Nolan, WRAT; Jeff Sargent, WRAT.