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Coach & Staff of the Year

The Coach and Staff of the Year program is administrated by the Coach Representatives.

CSI Coach Representatives

2023 Coach and Staff of the Year Nominations

2023 Nominations for Senior Coach, Bill Krumm Age Group Coach of the Year and Staff  will close September 28. 

  • You can cast your nomination for Senior Coach, Bill Krumm Age Group Coach of the Year and Staff of the Year awards.
  • Coach of the Year Nominations
  • Staff of the Year Nomination

Coaching Staff of the Year.

  • To qualify for consideration, a coach must be a member of CT Swimming.    To qualify for Staff of the Year, coaching staff should exhibit the following:
    • Rapport with the team (respect of the swimmers)
    • Team image (team conduct, performance)
    • Conduct on the the pool deck (positive behavior)
    • Work for coaches organization (meetings, committees)
    • Outside involvement (clinics, camps, conventions)
    • Community involvement (leagues, banquets)
    • Rapport with other coaches (cooperative, considerate)
    • Rapport with officials
    • Improvement of the team over the past year (youngest to oldest) 

2023 Coach and Staff of the Year Elections

Once all the nominations are in, a slate of coaches will be chosen for election.  Election will take place September 29-October 10, via FAST on-line ballot. Coaches may cast one (1) online ballot for ALL awards.  You will need to log into your FAST My Account.

  • Senior Coach of the Year
  • Bill Krumm Age Group Coach of the Year
  • Coaching Staff of the Year:

Cast Your Ballot

Coaches and Staff of the Year announced October 7th

Procedures for Nominating a Coach for CSI Coach of the Year

Senior Coach, Bill Krumm Age Group Coach and Staff of the Year

  • At the June 13, 2017, Board of Directors meeting it was decided that the Age Group Coach of the Year would be in honor of Bill Krumm.
  • Coach and Staff biographies will only include the accomplishments from the most recent Short Course season, current Long Course season through Connecticut Long Course Senior Championships, and the previous year Championship season for Zone Sectionals, US Open, USA Swimming Junior and Senior National Championships.
  • Nominations may come from a coach(s) and/or swimmer(s) only.
  • Nominations submitted should state the coach's name and/or club only. The Coach Representatives will then get the accomplishments from the nominated coach and/or staff prior to the beginning of the established voting period.
  • After the nomination deadline, the Coaches Reps along with a committee will determine the top 3 candidates for COY and SOY voting.
  • One vote per current CT-member USA Swimming coach online through FAST My Account.
  • If there is a tie after the voting period has ended, the honors may be awarded to more than one (1) Coach.
  • No write-in ballots.