Connecticut Swimming

Age Group Athlete Travel Assistance

In order to assist in the development of age group swimmers, Connecticut Swimming (CSI) offers limited financial assistance for those age group swimmers currently registered in CT competing in one or more individual events at the Eastern Zone Short Course Age Group Championship meet April 1-4, Webster, NY. Travel assistance not exceeding $200 will be provided for out-of-pocket expenses. Receipts, up to $200, are required.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Swimmer must have competed in at least 1 individual event excluding time trials and relays.
  • Swimmer must be registered with Connecticut Swimming for at least two (2) years and hold a current Connecticut membership card. Swimmer registered less than two years, but meeting the following participation requirement, may receive prorated assistance.
  • Swimmer must have competed in three (3) CSI regularly scheduled meets between October 1, 2019 and and the conclusion of the 2019 Short Course CSI Age Group Championships.

NCAA Compliance

The total of any monies received in addition to Connecticut Swimming assistance shall not exceed the athlete's out-of-pocket trip expenses. Athletes funded for more than trip expenses risk amateur status and NCAA eligibility. NCAA Division I bylaw allows for an LSC to provide competition related expense assistance to athletes without jeopardizing NCAA eligibility. However, for those athletes looking to participate at the Division I level, it is critical that the athletes keep detailed receipts documenting their expenses throughout the calendar year and are aware of all sources that can cover competition related expenses (USA Swimming, LSC, prize money, USA Swimming team). 


Applications are submitted through Connecticut FAST My Accounts. (Instructions)



Monday, June 1, 2020. Please allow 4-6 weeks for check processing.
In addition to submitting a request online, a copy of receipts must be submitted for expenses.

2019-2020Travel Assistance Maximum

  • Eastern Zone Short Course Age Group Championship travel assistance maximum is $200 for actual expenses paid. (Checks will not be sent for redeemed points, rewards, etc.)