Connecticut Swimming

Officials Visitation Program

This year the CSI Officials Committee started the Officials Visitation Program designed to help athletes feel at ease by introducing them, in advance of meets, to CSI Officials in a safe and comfortable environment—the club’s home pool. The program consists of an experienced Referee and Starter, and perhaps an Official from your own team (if available), visiting a club practice. They have fun discussions with participating swimmers about the different types of officials, the whistles, the take your mark, and the process of a disqualification. At the club's request, officials will conduct starts and mock races to give the athletes meet experience. Swimmers gain a better understanding of what it takes to become an official, their role, and purpose at meets. This introduction to officials, meet rules, protocols, constraints and procedures help the athlete to gain more confidence and become relaxed and prepared to compete.

This year events have been held at Wheeler Y Tigersharks (WRTS), SoCo Aquatic Club (SOCO), Soundview Y Stingrays (SYS), and we look forward to running many more. The feedback has been great! The kids love it and feel much more at ease heading into meets. We hope it will be of assistance to all coaches in preparing their younger swimmers for USA Swimming meets and lead to even more mutual respect between swimmers, coaches, and officials. We find the newer or younger athletes get the most from the program. They gain some familiarity with the rules and procedures at a USA Swimming meet prior to actually participating in one.

If you or your team is interested in scheduling a program now or in the fall please contact Dave Pite Officials Chair, to arrange a visit.

Officials Visitation Program
Officials visit Wheeler YMCA Tigersharks