Connecticut Swimming

Return to Competition Meets

CSI Return To Competition Parameters (Approved at the September 15, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.)

Archived Return to Competition (RTC) Information

Connecticut is in Phase 2.1 rules.

All Connecticut Swimming competition must conform to local, state, and federal public health guidelines.  Please note the amendments to Articles 202.4 and 202.6, as well as reference documents on our COVID-19 page.

  • Team Sports on Pause will lapse on January 19, 2021. New guidance from the State of Connecticut was released Friday evening, January 15. The updated Reopening Rules for sports and fitness facilities have been posted, and the Team Sports on Pause webpage has been replaced with this webpage summarizing the changes. The updated DPH sports guidelines that is referenced in the sector rules is forthcoming.
  • CSI Return To Competition Parameters (Approved at the September 15, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.)
  • LSC Sanction Requirements per USA Swimming as of September 14, 2020.
  • The Covid Guidelines for Officials is updated and clarifies that on-deck training/shadowing is not possible at Return to Competition meets.
  • USA Swimming Provisional Stroke & Turn Officials Recommendations
    • Training recommendations provided are to prepare stroke and turn provisional officials for intra-squad, dual, virtual dual and virtual invitational meets during a period of time established by USA Swimming. Provisional Official requirements are a temporary exception to LSC Certification requirements and allow these officials to work only applicable* meets during the period set by USA Swimming, state and local entities. Provisional officials would fulfill perceived needs for additional officials to staff local meets as pools reopen.
      • *Applicable meets are restricted to:
        • Intra-squad
        • Dual Meets
        • Virtual Dual Meets
        • Virtual Invitationals

RTC 2021 meet sanction or approval applications are no longer being accepted

Effective for all RTC Applications subsequent to January 18, 2021: The application and supporting documentation must be received THREE weeks before the first date of competition. Late applications will require written exemptions from Mark Wollen, Program Operations Vice-Chair prior to processing. 

Furthermore, 4 Officials are required and cannot be assigned to more than 1 position. The positions are Referee, Starter, Stroke & Turn, Administrative Official. Clubs wishing to host a sanctioned or approved meet may now put in a request for CSI Officials. The purpose of this form is to match CSI clubs wishing to host a meet with CSI Officials that are available to volunteer.

All events, including time trials, will require a meet announcement. In addition to the normal sanction information, this announcement must include:

  • A statement of the Connecticut Department of Public Health AND the local Department of Health guidelines and protocols, and a plan for implementing those guidelines and protocols.
  • A statement outlining the plan for ingress and egress from the facility, the use of locker rooms, and any other facility requirements restrictions in place.
  • The number of individuals gathering in each area of the facility including all spaces, and a statement on how social distancing will be enforced. This includes warm-ups.
  • A statement of the Safe Sport considerations to ensure parents have access to and the ability to observe their child.
  • The mandatory disclaimer language for the meet announcement, and an agreement that the language will appear in the heat sheets.
  • All meets must be pre-seeded, and no deck entries will be allowed.
  • All athlete and non-athlete members attending the meet must be in compliance with the required waiver.
  • The sanction application must be submitted no fewer than 21 days prior to the meet.

Need USA Swimming officials to work your meet? 

Membership Verification (Required for all sanctioned meets.)

After The Meet Responsibilities

  • Email Ginger McCurdy the meet database backup. (Hytek>File>Backup)
  • Log into your Club's FAST Administration page and complete the Meet Directors Report Online
  • Do not submit surcharge payment unless instructed to do so.